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Building and renovating homes in Toronto is no small feat.  In a city of Toronto the realtors are pretty busy cashing in on the booming housing market. That doesn’t meant the renovations business is lacking. Due to skyrocketing housing prices, which is why most consumers choose to do home renovation Toronto. It may be a cheaper option than buying a whole new house or condo, although not without its share of inconveniences. Which is why choosing a good contractor is crucial to the success of the project. Which is why the home renovation team at Maplereno are the success story of this month.
Here is what they recommend.

Signs for home renovation

It is a major decision to undertake a home renovation in your present home or buy or move to a brand-new home completely. The choice would certainly be made on a variety of elements. You ought to think about all the options before making it. If you have actually decided to go in for major home renovation, then you have to get in touch with a style specialist who will help to decide for your specific circumstance.

Prior to you starting major house improvements you could possibly looking for the guidance of an architect for the project requirements.

The first point to take into consideration would be your house remodelling potential. Does the architectural and also design format of your existing home enable the sort of home restoration you have in mind? Second of all, your home improvement could likewise indirectly depend upon your top quality of next-door neighbors. If you have good next-door neighbors you might not build out.

Thirdly, if you are undertaking significant home renovation, you ought to bear in mind whether the apartment prices in your location are on the rise in appreciation of your home.

Fourthly, relocating while house renovation are taking place could become a challenging time both psychologically and also in regards to cost.

4 Methods To Finance That Renovation

You have finally purchased that 19th century farm house that you have always pictured yourself living in the problem is how do you finance the restoration? It is easy to get mortgages for the value of the home even a little extra if you have a good credit rating but today a renovation can cost more than the original purchase price of the property.


The first option s to look at your available assets. If there is any equity in your house, you can get a home equity loan. Use your credit cards for short term renovation or borrow money from your parents these ideas are only usable in a short term renovation once the renovations completed you should be able to refinance your home and pay of the relatives, high interest credit cards and roll your home equity loan into your mortgage.


You may be able to get a “line of credit”. A line of credit is usually easy to get up to $30,000.00 without much effort and with a minimal amount of paperwork. These lines of credit are good for short term renovation that are under the $100,000.00 dollar mark. The interest rates tend to be on the high side but you can draw out the money as you need it and only pay interest on the cash that has been withdrawn.

Once the renovation is completed you can pay and refinance of the line of credit and combine all your loans in the mortgage.


Some stores will also offer you an interest free construction loan for your project. The terms of these construction loans vary from store to store.

Read the fine print carefully like the credit card deals these usually have a time limit. When the renovation is completed you can refinance and pay off the loan avoiding high interest dept.


Construction loans are generally reserved for larger projects. This kind of loan is a short term loan the money can be taken as needed and interest is paid on the money that has been taken out. Almost everyone now offers construction loans where the competition has brought the costs of these loans down.


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Bryce Wylde – HD
Homeopathic Doctor, Television Host, Educator, Author
Bio: As one of Canada’s leading alternative health experts, Bryce Wylde is a highly knowledgeable and respected homeopath and functional medicine nutritionist. As director of The Vaughan Medical Centre, a 6000 square foot medical facility in Ontario, his centre integrates conventional mainstream medicine (GP’s) with natural medicine (ND’s and HD’s), Dentistry, Audiology, and multiple physical therapies (DC’s, spinal decompression, Massage, Acupuncture, and Physiotherapy). More at

As an authority in natural and preventive medicine, Wylde focuses on “functional medicine” with a passion for clinical nutrition, and homeopathy, in order to give those with chronic and degenerative ailments the least invasive, most natural approaches to wellness through combining leading edge technology and advanced laboratory testing.

Wylde is a registered and active member of the Society of Free Radical Biology and Medicine as well as the Ontario Homeopathic Association. He is also President of Health Solutions At Work, a corporate wellness company that runs regular seminars to companies who have a vested interest in their employee’s health. He is the CEO of HGW Inc, where on his “spare time” he develops at home test kits which evaluate wellness markers in consumers interested in supplementing with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Wylde also teaches lab analysis and practice management at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.

Wylde shares his knowledge through lectures, TV and radio appearances, and various print media. Wylde has his own hour long highly rated weekly television show, Wylde on Health, which is featured LIVE on Friday’s at 7 PM on CP24 (CTV network). It allows him and his guests (including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mehmet Oz, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. David Suzuki, etc.) to share alternative, complementary and integrative approaches to health and wellness with 5 million viewers weekly and growing.

In 2009, Random House Canada published and released Wylde’s national best seller, THE ANTIOXIDANT PRESCRPTION: How to Use the Power of Antioxidants to Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy for Life. It is endorsed by renowned experts in the field: Dr Andrew Weil and Dr. Mehmet Oz and is available at Indigo/Chapters, Shoppers Drug Mart, Whole Foods, and most independent book stores.

For Speaking Engagements or to arrange an interview with Bryce, please contact Smita Jivan at or call 647-282-1842

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Dawn Balfour
Certified Yoga Instructor
Bio: Born in England, Dawn Balfour has had more than 10 years experience of practicing yoga which has helped her to deal with chronic illness and bereavement. It has allowed her to be grateful for the blessings she has in her life, especially through the challenging times.

She teaches in Barrie and Orillia, Ontario and her main focus is on the healing, positive power of yoga. She teaches Restorative, Therapeutic, Prenatal, Postnatal and Fertility Yoga classes. Dawn holds retreats at Le Scandinave Spa in Collingwood, Ontario on a regular basis, making it affordable for everyone. She also runs Meditation programs for beginners.

Her passion is to help you become more open through Yoga, to practice acceptance, to be yourself and to bring more awareness into your life.

Dawn believes that in times of turmoil, we can learn so much even if it is painful. We have a choice to make something positive from something traumatic and to grow from these experiences. She loves instructing yoga classes and feels she is guided by spirit to provide the right environment and a peaceful experience to those who are open to receive it.

Dawn’s life is full and very rewarding. She and her husband are raising two little girls and Dawn continues to teach Yoga. She is excited to be a part of TurningPoint and is looking forward to bringing health and well being to the wider community.

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